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Message  From The Secretary General


To the members of the UFYLCMUN community, 

On behalf of the entire organising committee, it is my pleasure to announce that the fifth edition of University Five Year Law College  Model United Nations will be held on 11th and 12th april, 2020.

A Model United Nations is an academic simulation of the United Nations in which participants assume the role of diplomats from different countries and deliberate over international issues. While the direct lessons from MUNs are manifold, the indirect benefits are the ones that stay with you for a lifetime. The ability to dissect and analyse seemingly complex concepts, to acknowledge and understand the multifaceted nature of problems, and most importantly, to actively listen to friends and foes alike, is what shelves MUNs in the “invaluable” section of the library that is life. 

Since its inception, UFYLCMUN has grown exponentially. Today, while we take great pride in the fact that we are one of the premier conferences in the country, we are also aware of the responsibility we carry with that position. Our focus has always been on propagating the benefits of this academic activity and in the process, trying to effect personal growth in all the lives that we touch. This year, we’ve got one of the most diverse set of committees in store for you. They cover various domains such as women’s rights, nuclear energy, economics, science and technology, international sanctions, human rights, and many more. This diversity ensures that everyone receives the opportunity to delve into their interests at a deeper level through this platform. I hope you all make the most of this experience.

One of the things most associated with UFYLC MUN is our tagline, “YOUR VOICE IS THE KEY TO CHANGE ”. What is this Change and why should you be a part of it? The change is the prospective of the visionaries who have given their blood, sweat, and tears to make this conference one of the biggest MUN of the country. It is the sense of fraternity that we’ve built through our inclusive approach to success. It is the promise that the bonds you make and the knowledge you gain will stay with you for a lifetime, irrespective of what capacity you participate in.

My association with this conference began when I was a fresher in college. I was a delegate in the Security Council. The opportunity of experiencing UFYLCMUN from both ends of the table from delegate to organiser is amazing. Through this edition, my team and I hope to repay our debt to this conference by sharing with you, all that we have received and much more. With an all-star Organising Team, an alluring campus, and the perfect set of committees, your gracious presence is all we seek. 


Surya Pratap Singh Naruka  



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Rajasthan University Five year law college JLN Marg  


Gourav Pathak         

+9314598618    Surya Pratap Singh


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